165: Take The Lead: Chapter 2


Have you ever felt like you had to hide behind a mask to be accepted? 

In this episode, I’m reading Chapter 2 of my book Take The Lead. If you want to start from the beginning of the book, go back to episode 163, but really you can listen to these episodes in any order! 

This chapter covers some difficult years of my life. We’re talking about pageants, high school, female rivalry, masks, and identity. 

It’s hard for me to revisit the years of my life that were filled with so much insecurity. I did learn a lot from those experiences, but that doesn’t make it any easier to remember them. However, now I know that I was able to pull through and discover who I really am. Today I connect with leading ladies like you by showing up as myself, being vulnerable, and sharing my insecurities. That feels a lot better than trying to hide behind a mask. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The masks we learn to wear throughout life 
  • Reconnecting with your identity 
  • Messages we internalize about ourselves as children 
  • Feeling like the ugly duckling 
  • Changing the way we view other women 
  • Taking back the power in how you see the world 
  • Why you don’t have to smile through your struggles 
  • Finding your authenticity 

I hope that whatever mask you’re wearing, you can find the strength to take it off and show up as your true self, knowing that the world will love you just the way you are. 

If you want to read along with the physical book, check out the links below to purchase it from your preferred retailer. 

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