166: Take The Lead: Chapter 3


***TW: mentions of sexual assault

If you had the power to alter anything in your past, what would you change?

For a long time, I would have told you about the pain, confusion, and loss that I would erase from my life, but now my answer is very different. I wouldn’t change anything about my past because those experiences made me who I am today. 

In this episode of the Leading Lady podcast, I’m reading Chapter 3 of my book Take The Lead, and as you can probably tell, this is a chapter about learning to embrace and celebrate yourself.

If you want to start from the beginning of the book, go back to episode 163, but you can listen to these episodes in any order! 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Learning to embrace your story 
  • Identifying generational insecurities that we’ve inherited 
  • Why so many of us are existing in survival mode 
  • How to open yourself up to healthy relationships 
  • Why your mental armor is holding you back 
  • The power of acknowledging your scars 
  • Breaking generational cycles 

Everything that you have endured has made you stronger and shaped you into the incredible leading lady that you are today. Do I sometimes wish that I could save young AliceAnne from the pain of the things she had to go through? Of course! But I no longer feel the need to hide those parts of myself; I recognize that they only make me more beautiful. 

If you want to read along with the physical book, check out the links below to purchase it from your preferred retailer. 

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