44: Unexpected Ways to Support Small Businesses


It’s the time of year when so many of us are doing a lot of retail shopping. I know that with the crazy year we’ve all had, it feels so simple just to order everything online and call it a day. However, I’m here with a short episode to remind us why it’s important to support small businesses in your community. 

I have so many business owners in my Leading Ladies Facebook community, and I am a small business owner myself. Support from our local community is truly the lifeblood of our business. 

I am excited to share the many ways you can support local business owners in this episode. 

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss: 

  • What I do on the 1st of every month in my Leading Ladies Facebook group 
  • Other ways to support small businesses when you can’t purchase from them
  • Why good reviews from customers are so important to a business
  • Why we should be willing to pay full price from friends with businesses

I hope this quick episode serves as a reminder for all of us to shop small wherever possible. Find ways to support your friends and neighbors in business in whatever way you are able. 

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