39: Creating a Stronger, Bolder, and Healthier You with Sara Heilman


Taking care of your body is so important, but sometimes it feels so hard -right? Recently I have been on a quest to shift my mindset to create a sustainable lifestyle instead of yoyo dieting.  My special guest today does just that, so I am excited to dive in with her! Listen in to create a stronger, bolder, and healthier you.

Sara Heilman is the founder of Strong.Bold.Healthy. She is a certified personal trainer, nutrition and health coach and is no stranger to overcoming personal challenges. 

Before becoming a coach, Sara dealt with depression, anxiety, disordered eating and obesity. Today, she is 65 pounds lighter and empowers women to achieve their health goals with a focus on nutrition, mind and movement. 

Sara is passionate about teaching women how to take care of themselves in a way where nutrition and fitness doesn’t need to be torture. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why diet mentality is so dangerous 
  • How important realistic lifestyle changes are 
  • The way monitoring what we eat helps us cope with anxiety and depression 
  • The two things that we are always in control of 
  • How to differentiate feelings from food 
  • What to focus on instead of your weight 

I hope my interview with Sara inspires you to find new ways to take care of yourself and improve your health so you can create a stronger, bolder and healthier you! 

You can find Sara @strongboldhealthy where she shares nutrition and fitness tips, hosts virtual cooking classes and motivates you to become your best self!

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