40: Celebrate The Pelvic Floor with Julie Blamphin


Have you ever taken time to think about the intricate details of your body and your health?  Our physical health is nuanced and has many factors that impact it for better or worse. One example is the somewhat taboo topic of pelvic floor health. Let’s celebrate the pelvic floor!

Today, I am joined by a special guest who is such a positive, joyful light – Julie Blamphin. Julie is a dear friend, fellow coach, and an expert on Pelvic Floor health. Since her entrepreneurial launching of Stretch Your Spirit in 2009, she continues to inspire through her work with Celebrate the Pelvic Floor. Julie holds certifications as Sport Yoga Instructor (NESTA, 2009), Yoga Teacher (YogaFit, 2010), Laughter Yoga Leader (Laughter Yoga International, 2014), and Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher (Pelvic Floor Yoga, 2019).

Today we dive into the topic of pelvic floor health, what it is, and how we can improve it. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss

  • What the pelvic floor is
  • The different types of incontinence in our body 
  • Indicators of pelvic instability 
  • How the pelvic floor impacts back pain, muscle tension and sexual health
  • How to improve your pelvic floor health and connect with your body 

I hope that this discussion has opened your eyes to the importance of pelvic floor health and that you can begin the conversation about this topic with the ladies in your life. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Top 3 Tips for Pelvic Floor Stability 

Celebrate the Pelvic Floor Q&A

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