25: Celebrating the Ordinary Everyday Moments


We all experience struggles and trials -especially in 2020. Despite the struggles, it is possible to find ways of celebrating everyday moments. 

In this episode, I share ways that I am choosing to celebrate even though this has been a difficult year for our society, my life, and my business. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why AliceAnne is celebrating an English Setter
  • Why the extraordinary is in the ordinary
  • How to feel gratitude daily despite life’s challenges
  • How every day can feel special 
  • What a gratitude inventory can do to shift your perspective

My hope in sharing the small and simple ways that I am celebrating everyday moments is to help you see the things in your life that are worthy of notice. We all have things that we can be grateful for, so I hope you can choose to focus on those things more often in order to feel more joy. 

I would love to know how you celebrate the little things?  Do you take time each day for gratitude?  Don’t forget to share what you are thankful for right now.  DM me on Instagram @leading_lady_coach and share with me how you are celebrating! 

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