29: Simple Ways to Cultivate Joyful Moments in Your Daily Life


Recently, I came upon a beautiful quote by Marianne Williamson. It said, “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to realize how good things really are.” 

What does it mean to have joy in your life? It is so easy to confuse joy and happiness as the same thing – but are they? This month, I spent some time coaching a client on how to bring more joy into the everyday activities of her life. This is one of my favorite topics to coach on since I strive to live my life with the intent of cultivating joyful moments – extreme happiness, fulfillment, and savoring moments of bliss. 

Listen in as I discuss easy ways to find joy in the everyday tasks where you spend your time so that you can feel greater satisfaction in your daily life. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How to replenish energy and find more joy in your day
  • The difference between happiness and joy 
  • Questions to ask yourself to determine what brings you joy 
  • My favorite Marianne Williamson quote about joy 
  • How to cultivate joyful moments in your day
  • A grounding exercise to foster feelings of joy 

I hope that by spending a few minutes listening to this episode, you will feel inspired to cultivate joyful moments in the day to day activities of your life. It is truly the secret to feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your life – no matter the circumstances. 

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