28: The Importance of Showing Up as Prepared and Professional In Your Business


When you are building a new business and marketing yourself, you will be networking with other business owners quite frequently. In these encounters, it is so important to present yourself as professional and prepared. 

In this episode of the Leading Lady Podcast, I discuss a recent business call that I had and how it left me feeling sour and disappointed. I share this conversation not to rant, but to share an example for any aspiring entrepreneurs about how to show up and share your best abilities. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • My recent experience with screening a potential podcast interviewee
  • Why punctuality is so important in growing a business
  • Why you should learn about other people’s business before you connect
  • Using your children as a reason you can’t be professional
  • How to follow up after a bad business encounter
  • Advice for new entrepreneurs about professionalism

After listening to my experience, I hope you understand the importance of showing up as prepared and professional. If you can’t put your best self forward, it may be best to hold off on promoting yourself until you are able to be prepared. 

I invite you to look at the ways you show up in your life. If something is suffering, what can you do to shift your alignment so you show up as your best self in any situation? 

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