30: Shifting Your Mindset to See Opportunity In A Challenge


Recently I started off a Monday morning by reading a very mean-spirited and hurtful email. It left me feeling upset and slighted, and I had to work really hard to find the positive in that experience. 

In this episode of the Leading Lady Podcast, I chat about this experience, what I did to make it a chance to see opportunity in a challenge, and my suggestions for how YOU can do the same. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The difference between being a victim and a victor
  • What we can control and what we can’t 
  • How to find the opportunity in a negative or hurtful challenge 
  • Why it can be helpful to see challenges as a “Choose Your Own Adventure”
  • How you can use this time of COVID as a chance to develop yourself 

Looking back now, I can find blessings in that challenge that I would not have if I hadn’t received that nasty email. I hope that you can take these tips I share and use them to see the opportunity in a challenge that you’re facing. There’s always a choice to find the good in every situation. 

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The Official BNI Podcast with Dr. Ivan Misner

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episode 30 shifting mindset to see opportunity in challenges
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