91: How to Ditch Toxic Positivity and Face Your Pain So That You Can Heal


In today’s society, we are often told to always try to see the positive in every situation. You’ve seen it before- “Good vibes only!” 

Good vibes and positive thoughts are amazing when you’re in a good place, but when you are dealing with pain or trauma, it can feel heavy to try and be positive all the time. Because of this, you may even feel shame for those negative emotions. 

In today’s episode of the Leading Lady Podcast, we are talking about toxic positivity and why it is okay to feel your emotions-good or bad. 

It is important to recognize that we aren’t always going to be in a place where we are feeling our best, and that is okay. Avoiding the authentic feeling of pain or grief is dysfunction. 

We can’t avoid our pain or trauma in the name of positivity. We have to process it, deal with it, and heal from it so that we can move on. Your pain doesn’t make you stronger, healing from it does. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How we are impacted by trauma
  • The shame put over people who feel badly
  • Taking the time to listen to pain so that we can help people process their emotions
  • How we can be aware of toxic positivity
  • How to stop comparing our pain to others
  • Why we can’t repress or avoid our pain
  • The importance of facing your trauma so that you can heal

Thanks to today’s “good vibes only” society, many people are repressing their pain and not facing it head-on as they need to in order to heal. Let’s put a stop to that.

There is no shame in feeling your negative emotions. You are allowed to feel what you need to feel so that you can heal. 

I hope this episode helps you to understand why it is so important to face your pain so that you can grow stronger and flourish, even after trauma.

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How to Ditch Toxic Positivity and Face Your Pain So That You Can Heal
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