89: How To Heal Your Emotions and Reclaim Your Belief That Anything Is Possible with Ana Jones


Saying you want something is easy, but knowing what you want is life-changing. 

Do you know what it takes to get what you really want in life?

 In this episode of the Leading Lady podcast, I sat down with Ana Jones to talk about our emotions, generational traumas, our perspectives, and how they shape the lives we live. 

Ana Jones is an emotional awakening coach who helps women UN-EFF themselves by healing cultural conditioning and generational programming. 

She utilizes various healing modalities including sound for individual/personalized sessions as well as groups. 

She is obsessed with reminding others that you can have it all and that life is here and now. This is the very WHY behind helping ignite the hearts of those who are called to heal through the power of unconditional love and commitment.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Understanding your worth
  • Being intrinsically aware that you have value
  • How to identify what it is you really want
  • Reclaiming your ability to believe that anything is possible
  • Healing your past trauma

I hope listening to this conversation reminds you that you CAN truly heal yourself. There is so much that life has to offer us, and it is our job and responsibility to embrace it!

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How to Heal Your Emotions and Reclaim Your Belief That Anything is Possible with Ana Jones
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